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We have our own port of Qt on Android, called “grym-android-lighthouse”. It is much more complete and already usable for production (not using shared Qt run-time). We have BogDan’s branch merged so it’s probably possible to use his QtCreator integration with our stuff but nobody tested yet. BTW, any help combining Necessitas and BogDan’s branch would be appreciated.

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> Who is “we”?

DoubleGIS (http://2gis.ru) mobile dev team.

> Is there a page for this with further information? Projects that are hidden will stay hidden and no one will ever know about them.

It is not hidden, just not advertised much. It can be easily found on Gitorious (cloned from android-lighthouse). Also we participate discussion @ android-qt list. As for a Website with Wiki and etc., it's not done yet but we have some plans. Would be great to do that in collaboration with BogDan or Qt team :-)

> why don’t you help BonDan? Afraid of not getting much reputation if you are working under BonDan?

We do help everyone who wishes to use our code. BogDan could merge it at any moment, but he refused to accept code which (1) uses additional dynamic libraries (we use QtAndroidCore), (2) has any platform-specific exported functions or which (3) supports placing Qt libs into APK. I, from my side, look at lack of platform integration library separated from QPA plugin and lack of support for all-in-one package as an unacceptable flaw. And some exported functions are unavoidable evil until high-level Qt interfaces are available to do the same tasks.
So because of these differences in ideology the branches were not merged for many months and advancing in different directions and eventually we got our own QPA plugin and QtAndroidCore. Now it would take some effort to combine our stuff with Necessitas, starting with refactoring Necessitas to separate BogDan's plugin and the shared run-time installer. It is possible to overcome all problems and combine everything together, but it needs some work.


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