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Qt for Android

2GIS open-source Qt group on GitLab:
The projects currently under active development and support are: Older / archive repos:
  • "Grym Android Lighthouse" - 2GIS port of Qt 4.8 for Android OS.
  • Qt Creator 2 patched to complile projects (to create the native library only) developed with Qt 4.8 for Android.
  • Pre-built Android OpenSSL binaries and scripts to build OpenSSL from source for the Qt 4.8 port.
  • Android GCC instrumental functions debugging (for earlier versions of Android where GDB is not available).
  • Patched version of Qt 4 with fixes made by 2GIS for Windows Mobile and QtCore-only port for iOS.
Archive link to the previous location of the group on

RTF 2 HTML Lite - a free / open source crossplatform RTF to HTML converter

Open-source rtf2html-lite page
Obsolete freeware (closed source) RTF2HTML page is here.

Free Dictionaries

phpMyLingvo - Web front-end for free dictionaries stored in SQL database, compatible with PtkDic and JaLingo (RUS)

Tiny Linux Utilites

squidred - Squid Redirector Program
mbox2mdir- Mailbox to Maildir Converter
Findsim - The Identical Files Finder (DOS/Win32/Linux)
QClam - simple tool to connect ClamAV Antivirus to your QMail Mailbox
Samba Server Mounter - Windows Network / SMB / CIFS mount helper

Libraries and Ports

TagLib - My Windows/MSC port of the library for tagging audio files (mp3, ogg, flac...)
mpg123 - My Windows/MSC port of mpg123 0.59r, an mp3 player/decoder
PasZlib-SG - my object-oriented version of ZLib for Borland Delphi and Kylix
C++ VESA SVGA Library for DOS Under construction - since 1996

Obsolete Projects, Patches And Docs

Linux Terminal Project Server Documentation

Шпаргалка-дополнение к инструкциям по настройке LTSP.RU (RUS)

Russian Karaoke For Linux! [RU]

KMid Internationalization Patch (RUS)


Please check my Archive page for some non-opensource projects from my teen years.
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