How to install Trolltech / Nokia Qt for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 · My Notes

Installing Qt for MSVC (tested under Visual Studio 2005):

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1. Install MinGW version of Qt, e.g. qt-win-opensource-4.5.0-mingw.exe.

2. Start menu -> Visual Studio - Tools - Console. Then do:
cd \Qt\4.5.5
nmake install
3. Install qt-vs-addin (if it can't find Qt installation just ignore that).

4. Add to PATH environment variable: C:\Qt\4.5.0\bin and C:\Qt\4.5.0\lib.

5. In Visual Studio settings, add to Tools - Options - Project and soilutions - Visual C++ directories:
Executable files - C:\Qt\4.5.0\bin
Include files - C:\Qt\4.5.0\inlude\(libraries you will use)

6. In Visual Studio's main menu -> Qt -> set up Qt version.



Comment from: Murat Dzhusupov [Visitor]
Thank you for your help!
Permalink 07/21/09 @ 23:28

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