Smena-8M focusing re-greasing and shutter repair (ремонт затвора и смазка фокусировки Смены-8М) · My Notes

I also tried to reach the helicoid from back side as I didn't noticed the screws in lens barrel at first. It was the mistake of the day: I spent 3 hours re-assembling the shutter. There are 2 hair-like springs, one moves lever which controls shutter timing and the other holds shutter closed when it's being cocked, both are engaged by shutter cover piece. It was pretty hard to figure out how to put the cover back properly. The second spring got weaker and was jumping out of its place several times after assembly; I used a little piece of tape to seal it in place. Then I found that flash sync is not working anymore; I disassembled and re-assembled the block like 10 times but didn't manage to make it reliably working. Finally, I gave up and assembled it fully working except the X contact. 3 hours and swollen eyes... The camera doesn't worth it, but the experience does ;-)
Re-greasing focusing was an easy task. Simply release screws holding white barrel around lens and remove it, then you can unscrew the lens and re-grease. It's easy to assemble it back using aperture dial to match positions of the barrel and the lens.
My suggestion is, if your Smena broke, better spend your time and effort buying another camera! :)

PS Емайла про то, как я фокусировку смазывал и в затвор лазил. Сорри за ошибки, если обнаружите - неохота редактировать. Писал в Zenit Camera Group, поэтому на ломаном аглицком.
PPS Later, the camera appeared pretty good - very sharp lens, precise shutter.


Comment from: hans [Visitor]
Thanks, I was searching for exactly that descripton!
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