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An image made of a very small crop of out-of-focus shot via some crappy 35mm point-and-camera (scanned from 10x15cm lab print) for re-printing. The enlargement ratio you see on 17" monitor is like if the frame was printed to about 105x70cm size.

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Sharpening example

Tools used: GIMP, multiple unsharp mask (applied using "smart sharpen" technique), and Gaussian Blur, darkening and desaturation levels with hand-drawn masks. No miracle, but quite an interesting result IMHO. This is probably not the latest version...

Regarding recovery of out-of focus. I used several unsharp masks to bring as much sharpness as possible without halo artifacts. (If you apply an unsharp mask with the same radius as circle of confusion on out-of-focus image you can "undefocus" it. All image detail smaller than CoC go to nasty dirt but edges of bigger detail get sharp as they should be.) Then I put the sharpened image as a layer over the original in Luminosity mode, and added an edge mask to it, to reduce color artifacts and sharpened noise. See GIMP Guru for more information about this technique. Then I combined layers, duplicated image to new layer, blurred it, added black mask and airbrushed it with white on areas I wanted smooth. Then added darkening and desaturation layers again with black masks and airbrushed the masks where I wanted to darken or desaturate. That's all.


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