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Huge dev chart can be found here:

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Here's what it says about FSU films / D-76:
Svema 400: 10 min
Tasma 100: 7 min

Information from the old film boxes I have (made in 1989-1994):
Svema 64 (emulsion N1728, N1738, N8194, N543): 6 min
Svema 125 (emulsion N672): 7 min
Svema 250 (emulsion N1428, N578): 7 min
Tasma 50 (positive): 8 min for 1st stage
Tasma 65 (80 ASA): 10 min
These numbers are for Standard Developer №2.

From Rod Smith @ Zenit Camera Group:

Svema 64 can be developed in the following developers, at 20C:
D76 1:1, 8:00
Rodinal 1:25, 6:00-7:00
XTOL 1:1, 11:00
Svema 100 times are probably close to these, but not identical.


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