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А вы думали, "Still Loving You"? Или хотя бы что-то из этой серии? Фиг вам. Кстати, вторая самая любимая - "The Sails of Charon".

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We'll Burn The Sky

I'm in love with the sunshine
I'm in love with the fallin' rain
Everything seems to call your name
Yesterday you were leavin'
Leavin' life and all your pain
Everything wants you back again
Wants you back again
Wants you back again
I found myself through you
And there was love in my life
I felt always naturally high
And my love had a home
But now my mind has started to roam
You're my life giving fire
And you carry all my love
Through you I was so inspired
You're engraved deep in my heart
Heart, heart, heart
My dreams recall us being one
I've searched for you to be free
The force of life you have always been
I feel blue since you're gone
You're breath of life surrounded me
When can I join you to be free
Join you to be free
Join you to be free
Wait, can this be a dream
There is a voice in my head
It belongs to you, it says
Don't cry, no need to be sad
There's a way to stay with you again
It's more than you ever had
And no death brings us apart
Our timeless love always grows
Because you are my other part
I know we've never been apart
Your love sets fire to my heart
We'll burn the sky
When it's time for me to die
We'll burn the sky, oh yeah
We'll burn the sky, oh yeah
When it's time, time, time
We'll burn the sky
We'll burn the sky, oh yeah


Comment from: Trinya [Visitor]
Хммм, понимаю, что посту уже полгода, но тем не менее, весьма необычный выбор, и я с ним очень даже солидарна.
We'll burn the sky - потрясающая песня, Sails of Charon - одна из любимых, по-моему весь альбом Taken by force, как и предыдущий Virgin Killer наиболее заслуживают внимания у товарищей Скарпов, в отличие от того, что в основном слушает и почитает большинство...
Permalink 02/03/06 @ 04:37

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