Findsim is a small program which can be used to find duplicated files. It compares files only by their contents. Run the program without parameters to get brief information about its usage.

Here is a sample output of the program (for ver. 1.3 under Linux):

[sergey@hellmachine SoundFonts]$ findsim .
Scanning path: .
Total: 70 file(s)

*** FINDSIM Comparing Log: ***










*** Summary: ***
  Total files..........70
    Empty files........0
  Duplicated files.....18
    Duplicated bytes...205671580
  Waste files..........9
    Waste bytes........102835790
    Space wasted.......102854656 bytes for cluster size==4096

That's it. Full names of duplicated files are printed in groups separated by blank lines. All files in each group are 100% identical by contents.

Findsim is available for DOS (Borland C++), Win32 (MSC and GCC) and Linux (GCC).

Distributed under GNU General Public License, version 2.

There are some known issues with this program (see BUGS.txt).

Installation Instructions

DOS/Windows: unpack appropriate exe file and put it somewhere.... Well, you should know where! 8-P

Linux: unpack the archive and do make install, as usually.

Download Findsim

Get FindSim-1.4-20110904-1809.tar.bz2 FindSim-1.4-20110904-1809.tar.bz2 (15 Kb) [1992 d/l] - source code (all OS'es). NOTE: After unpacking the archive, move 'sgdoslib' to the upper directory.

Get FindSim-1.4-20040118-1550.tar.bz2 FindSim-1.4-20040118-1550.tar.bz2 (23 Kb) [6666 d/l] - source code (all OS'es) and binary for Linux/glibc2.3 (Red Hat 9 compatible)

Findsim version 1.2 for DOS and Windows 9x+ can be found inside SGTools package here.

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