mbox2mdir - Mailbox to Maildir (QMail) Converter

mbox2mdir is a small program to convert mail stored in in UN*X Mailbox format to QMail's Maildir format. It can (optionally) also truncate source Mailbox file upon successful conversion. I use it to move mail delivered by /bin/mail or sendmail to QMail maildirs, but of course there are many other possible uses for it.

Example of usage:

$ mbox2mdir /var/qmail/alias/Mailbox /home/sergey/Maildir/cur -t

The program is very simple and portable to any Linux, UN*X or Windows platform.

Current Version

Get mbox2mdir-win32-1.4.zip mbox2mdir-win32-1.4.zip (25 Kb) [7402 d/l] - Windows executable
Get mbox2mdir-1.4.tar.bz2 mbox2mdir-1.4.tar.bz2 (9 Kb) [7828 d/l]
Get mbox2mdir-1.3-1.src.rpm mbox2mdir-1.3-1.src.rpm (12 Kb) [8590 d/l]
Get mbox2mdir-1.3.tar.bz2 mbox2mdir-1.3.tar.bz2 (9 Kb) [4716 d/l]


V. 1.4
The program can be compiled under Windows (MinGW). For the moment Windows and Linux compilations are a little different in output file naming and command-line parameters. Linux version is in fact the same as 1.3.
V. 1.3
Changed message start signature to allow processing of Eudora's mailboxes.
V. 1.1 - V. 1.2
Added patch by Florian Feucht (fixed a bug of skipping first 2 chars from "From:" in the first message).
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