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SGTools (compilation of console utilites for DOS and Windows)This program is distributed under GNU General Public License (or just open-source freeware)DOS ApplicationWindows Application

OS: DOS/Windows
Language: Russian and English
Description: All my programs for DOS and Windows console (incuding Findsim, Menu, Hackextr, Unikick, PlainICO, SGView...) and a compliation of funny icons and cursors. Sorry, some programs are in Russian :( About 20 utilites + some DOS resident and graphical demos, inculding many batch enhancement utilites.
Includes some source codes useful for beginners.
State: The package is updated from time to time.
Get sgtool11.exe Download SGTools 11 (767 Kb) [10429 d/l]
Icons and Cursors included in SGTools package

SG WallpaperWindows Application

OS: Windows 9x+
Language: English
Description: The next step of Wallpaper's evolution. Allows you to put images in BMP, JPEG, ICO, WMF, EMF formats to your desktop backround. Main features are:
  • Ability to combine backround filling whole desktop (scaled or tiled) and proportionally scaled "background foreground" picture (see the screenshots). You can also create wallpapers without foreground picture or with solid color back.
  • The program always uses smooth resampling (bilinear interpolation) when generating background, and it usually looks much better then when you just set it via Windows control panel.
  • You can easily save created backgrounds in a list, and then re-use them again with one click.
  • Certainly, there's also an option to automatically select another backround form your list (after specified time interval, on Windows startup; one after another or in random order).
  • The program utilizes multithreaded programming. When it's minimized, it runs in lowest priority and does not affect performance of other applications. Also, it's own interface is not locked during lenghty operations.
  • Generated backround has the same dimensions as your screen. This lowers memory load if you love to have very large and high-quality graphics on your desktop.
  • All program settings and last used folders are automatically "kept in mind"; background and foreground folders are kept separately. When you select a wallpaper from the list, browsing directories are restored accordingly to its background and foreground files. You should appreciate this feature if you hate to always start browsing for files from Desktop, My Documents or Windows directory :)
  • Full multi-user environment support.
The program is still under development, so please feel free to send your comments, ideas and, of course, bug reports.
Get Download Wallpaper 3 v1.3 (361 Kb) [8846 d/l]
Wallpaper 3 v1.0 - Main Window Wallpaper 3 v1.0 - Desktop 1 Wallpaper 3 v1.0 - Desktop 2 Wallpaper 3 v1.0 - Desktop 3 (using tiled background)

SG Wallpaper 2a4

OS: Windows 9x+ (recommednded only for Windows 95 on very old PC)
Language: English
Description: This is an obsolete version, can be useful for older computers only. Otherwise, see SG Wallpaper 3.
Quickly set BMP and JPEG files on your desktop background. Minimizes to Tray; options to start automatically with Windows, rotate (slideshow) images by timer, scale images to fit your screen (userful under Win 95). Converts images to BMP and can convert images to True Color to get them looking better under MS Plus, Windows 98 and 2000. Not use Active Desktop which allows to speed up background display and avoid Active Desktop's bugs.
Get Download Wallpaper 2a4 (317 Kb) [8338 d/l]

RTF 2 HTML ConverterLinux ApplicationWindows ApplicationDOS Application [Now under LGPL!]

OS: Linux, DOS, Windows
Language: English
Description: RTF to HTML conversion program. Builds for Linux, Windows and DOS, plus Windows DLL library with 2 sample applications - in Visual Basic and in C++ (MinGW). This program is now available as Open Source under terms of GNU LGPL License. See program documentation for all details.
Get Download RTF2HTML [old proprietary version] (builds for all systems + demos) (159 Kb) [17693 d/l]
Download RTF 2 HTML Lite project page at SourceForge.Net
Download Download files at SourceForge.Net
Download Project CVS

Eye 2 Eye (simple TCP/IP-based chat for Windows and Linux)This program is distributed under GNU General Public License (or just open-source freeware)Linux ApplicationWindows ApplicationTested under Wine/Linux

OS: Windows and Linux
Language: English
Description: This is a very simple ICP/IP-based network chat which allows you to talk via network even if there are problems with any other chat programs, DNS etc. Also, it can be compiled both under Windows (Delphi 6/7) and under Linux (Kylix). Based on NetChat program from Borland Delphi 6 demos.
This program was originally written to chat between two Windows computers connected via slow modem and for CLX learning purposes.
Get Eye 2 Eye 0.4, Delphi/Kylix sources and Windows/Linux builds in one archive. (560 Kb) [9706 d/l] Windows-version requires qtintf70.dll - see below. Linux version requires libqtintf and libqt.

SG TimerThis program is distributed under GNU General Public License (or just open-source freeware)Windows Application

OS: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
Screenshots... Description: Alarm clock with up to 10 alarm signals with pop-up text message and multimedia (video/audio) and voice (Russian). Includes source code (Delphi).

Download From
Download timer049.exe 2.0.45+4 alpha (05-2002) - This is the last version, partially translated to English. Added ability to syncronize time with remote computer. Added some controls which were left unimplemented. If you need more complete version, try older one. Requires qtintf.dll - see below; no installer
Download timer045.exe 1.0.45 (04-03-2002) - requires qtintf.dll - see below; no installer
Download timer044.exe 0.0.44 (14-04-2001) - incompatible with NT/2000/XP. Automated installation by Install Shield Express.

FixM3UThis program is distributed under GNU General Public License (or just open-source freeware)Linux ApplicationWindows ApplicationCygwin Application

OS:Windows, Linux, Cygwin
Language: English
Simple command-line tool to make M3U playlists created by Winamp or some other windows apps readable by UNIX applications (e.g. XMMS).
Get Download (6 Kb) [8288 d/l]

WinHLT & BlindCoolerThis program is distributed under GNU General Public License (or just open-source freeware)Windows Application

OS: Windows 95/98 only
Language: English
Description: "...runs a HLT command in an idle priority thread under Win95/98. That allows modern microprocessors to save power and stay cool. Great for overclocking." (from CPUIdle description)
WinHLT Tray Icon Similar programs: CpuIdle, Rain, LoadOnly, DOSIdle...
WinHLT is a very simple clone of these programs. Only a minimal set of functions (i.e. only one function - HLT;)) WinHLT shows an icon in system tray and can be disabled or enabled; BCooler has no user interface at all.
Source codes (BCW 5.0) included.
State: Finished.
Installation: Manual.
Size: 200Kb, 171Kb archived; BCooler - 84Kb archived
Get whlt10b3.exe WinHLT (167 Kb) [8469 d/l] (w/sources for WinHLT & BCooler)
Get BCooler10.exe BlindCooler (83 Kb) [10204 d/l]

Diablo Hero AutobackupWindows ApplicationTested under Wine/Linux

OS: Windows 9x
Language: English
Description: Screenshots This program was designed to help with training multiplayer characters in Diablo or Hellfire.
When your character is killed by monsters, he loses some of his money and items. To avoid it, some players copy file with character information (hidden file under Windows directory) from time to time while playing, and when character was killed just exit, restore a backup and restart the game.
Autobackup helps to automate the operation by backuping all changes of character file in background. Also, it allows to save or restore your character manually (useful if you want to track his "history"). The only drawback is that you still have to restart Diablo when restoring your saved character.
State: Finished.
Installation: Manual.
Size: 600Kb (293Kb archive)
Get diabc147.exe Diablo Hero Autobackup 1.47 (286 Kb) [8532 d/l]

Free PurgatoryWindows Application

OS: Windows 9x/NT
Language: English
Description: Free Purgatory - Main Window Screenshot This is a freeware & improved Freemem clone. It also does almost the same thing as ClearMem - a small console utility from Microsoft (but it is actually much better). The program runs in backround and causes Windows memory manager to run a little bit better by freeing contiguous memory block from time to time. It was designed for Windows 95 with its lame memory manager, but it still can be useful under another versions of Windows e.g. before running a large application (game etc) to purge unneeded DLL's from RAM to swap file and get a large amount of free RAM.
State: Finished.
Installation: Manual.
Get Free Purgatory 1.1 / day 8 (404 Kb) [8513 d/l] - requires qtintf.dll - see below

Run-Time Libraries

qtintf.dll & qtintf70.dll: Run-time library used by programs in Delphi 6+ that use CLX component library. Use on of links below to download file. Unpack archive and put qtintf.dll into subfolder system (for Windows 95/98/ME) or system32 (for Windows NT/2000/XP) under Windows startup directory.Download qtintf.dll for Delhpi 6 programs, and qtintf70.dll for Delphi 7 programs.

Download From
Download qtintf.exe - self-extracting archive of qtintf.dll
Download qtintf70.exe - self-extracting archive of qtintf70.dll
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