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Great collection of old photographs

...An extensive collection of historical photographs. This collection includes images from the years 1850 to 1940. These photographs span the globe, and present a unique view of our past. Join us in developing a love and appreciation for vintage photographs.

Brother's Wright flight


UPD 2023: Домен есть, но сайт не загрузился.

Ladislav Kamarád

Among others a photographer and the mountain-climber.
Apparently the only one, who was working in the elevation over 8000 m above the sea level (without using an oxygen mask) with medium format photographic equipment (Hasselblad). For the time being, he has climbed two eight thousand meter high mountains. Cho Oyu in Himalayas (8201m) and Gasherbrum II in Karakorum (8035m).

Обалденные фотографии...

The Home Page of Veijo Vilva

Интересующимся классической оптикой и пинхолом смотреть обязательно.



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