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Very useful little program to view and manipulate EXIF headers in JPEG files. All OS'es (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.)
$ jhead "-n%Y-%02m-%02d %02H%02M%02S %f" *
Renames all JPEG files in current direcory to something like:
2005-06-21 091337 oldname.jpg
Also it can rotate file accordingly to camera orientation sensor reading (using jpegtran) and clear rotation flag and remove all "junk" data (comments written by Photoshop, thumbnail, etc.) - very useful!
See comments for scripts using jhead.


Comment from: S.A.G.e [Member]
Two tiny Perl scripts using jhead (won't work for files with special characters like quotes in file name).

exif-clean - remove some junk from JPEG files:
for($i=0; $i<@ARGV; $i++){
  print "Processing $ARGV[$i]...\n";
  system("jhead -exonly -dt -du -autorot \"$ARGV[$i]\"");

exif-rename - rename files accordingly date and time of shooting, skipping files whose names already start with a number.
for($i=0; $i<@ARGV; $i++){
  if ($fn =~ /^\d/){
    print "Skipping \"$fn\"...\n";
    print "Processing $fn...\n";
    system("jhead -exonly \"-n%Y-%02m-%02d %02H%02M%02S %f\" \"$ARGV[$i]\"");
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