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Q: Everyhting works, except search for words with non-latin characters for Linux/UN*X clients. What's up?

A: Most likely, your Web-server is Apache with Russian patch intented to make all Web browsers, including UN*X ones, to display Cyrillic characters properly. Unfortunately, this patch doesn't work with any modern browser for Linux/UN*X, unless you force the browser to send "MSIE under Windows" User-Agent string. Disable the stupid patch or switch to another webserver is that's not possible.

Q: I have phpMyLingvo working, but it prints error messages containg "Notice: Undefined index", "Notice: Undelifined variable":

Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET in f:\inetpub\wwwroot\dict\config.php on line 56
Notice: Undefined variable: query in f:\inetpub\wwwroot\dict\index.php on line 22

A: Please check error_reporting option in your php.ini file. It should be error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE or something else with E_NOTICE disabled. See comments in php.ini for more information.

Questions About Old Versions

phpMyLingvo v0.1-0.9

Q: When I enter a word and click "Search", it doesn't report any error but instead of search results just shows Welcome screen again. When I click dictionary caption, a pop-up window appears saying "No dictionary specified".
A: Your PHP configured with register_globals = Off. Edit your php.ini file and change the line to regsiter_globals = On and then restart your webserver.

phpMyLingvo v0.5-0.8

Q: When I click "Search" I get a number of error messages, the first one starts with "Warning: Cannot execute using backquotes in safe mode in..."
A: This means that your PHP works in Safe Mode and phpMyLingvo set up to use external program (recode) to handle UNICODE. Disable Safe Mode in php.ini (set safe_mode option to Off) and restart your webserver, or reconfigure phpMyLingvo to use mbstring, or (if mbstring won't work) just disable multibyte support in phpMyLingvo ($enable_multibyte=false; in config.php).

phpMyLingvo v0.2-0.5

Q: When I enter a word and click search, it doesn't report any error but instead of search results just shows Welcome screen again. What's up?
A: You have set up phpMyLingvo to use GNU recode as UNICODE converter, but don't have it installed. Install recode (it should be included into mosty Linux distributions), or switch phpMyLingvo to use mbstring extension of PHP (if available in your configuration), or disable Multi-byte string support at all (it will not affect mainstream browsers like Mozilla-based and IE).

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