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Хороший дем. Становление демократии

Становление демократии

Igor Rasteryaev - Camomiles (lyrics translation to English)


There are planes flying in the sky all day, they are probably carrying someone to his vacation in Pattaya.
But I am in an open country dragging on foot by wild grass, to my friends Vasily and Roman who died from alcohol.
Not just one of my friends lies on one of these country cemeteries, where warm wind sings a song about counterfeit vodka playing the oval photographs.
The guys chose their road by themselves; but, God sees, somebody pushed them and let them down.
So (they did not have) jobs nor homes, just bottles and glasses. So instead of Vasya and Roma, just cornflowers and chamomiles.
Not just one of my friends lies on one of these country cemeteries, where warm wind bounces amazed, remembering all the blue crosses by their names.
But all words are vain and nothing can be fixed, so all I can do is to put a bouquet of chamomiles into a tin can.
Let it will just stand there and be the most beautiful on a village graveyard in (of) a country named Russia.

* In Russian, Vasily (Vasek, Vasya) sounds close to "vasilek" (cornflower), and Roman (Roma) reminds "romaska" (chamomile).
* Counterfeit vodka was frequent in Russia during period of "democratization" (1990s) when normal production of everything stopped; it was often made using technical-grade spirit (i.e. poisonous).

Mikhail Saakashvili refuses to take flight ticket to Smolensk

Mikhail Saakashvili, president of Georgia, Aeroflot tickets to Smolensk

The original Soviet "Say no to vodka" poster:

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Two Worlds - Two Systems

Google Maps vs. Yandex Maps
Google Maps vs. Yandex Maps.
Google's map doesn't even have Abkhazia and S. Ossetia marked.



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