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PHP function to read friends-only LiveJournal posts through RSS

The code is pretty self-explanatory. The only know-how is the combination of the options which works with LJ.
The global variables $digest_username and $digest_password should be set to your LiveJournal username and password, respectievely.
The $url should like like:

UPD: (The Russian version):
PHP-код для чтения закрытых постов в ЖЖ через RSS
Ищу способ снова читать ЖЖ и массу других блогов в одном централизованном приложении. Естественно, это возможно только через RSS. Как оказалось, у ЖЖ есть возможность читать защищённые записи через RSS, но не всё так просто, т.к. отдавалка RSS требует определённых уговоров и, например, Tiny Tiny RSS не справляется с получением защищённых фидов. В интернетах также нет работающего в настоящий момент примера кода, поэтому я решил запостить результат своих изысканий. Код тривиальный, фишка только в наборе параметров cURL.
$digest_username, $digest_password - глобальные переменные с вашим логином и паролем в ЖЖ.
URL защищённого фида:
(Замените tl1 на произвольный %USERNAME% ЖЖ.)
Вы получите RSS с записями пользователя, включая приватные, которые он открыл вам.

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My & 2GIS Open-Source Repos Migrated to GitLab (Qt for Android and other stuff)

Since is going to be shut down within 1.5 months the open-source repos have been moved here:

This includes Qt 4.8 and patched Qt 5 for Android (grym-android-lighthouse, grym-qt, grym-qt5), ex qtandroidoffscreenviews and related stuff.

DoubleGIS port of Qt for Android (grym-android-lighthouse): first tagged version

The first beta version of our port Qt for Android has been tagged: grym-android-01.

Although the directory contains all files from android-lighthouse, it is 99% another port done by our team and only our own plugin (called Lite) is currently supported in our repo.

The primary goal of the development is:

Providing stability and functionality necessary to run and release real-life, quality applications to Android Market ASAP.

At the moment we do not have QtCreator integration and to use our version one needs to have some basic knowledge about Android development and Qt functioning and be ready to read the scripts and build files and etc. and debug using command-line and logs.

The port is released under BSD license.

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Qt / Android comments, repost from

We have our own port of Qt on Android, called “grym-android-lighthouse”. It is much more complete and already usable for production (not using shared Qt run-time). We have BogDan’s branch merged so it’s probably possible to use his QtCreator integration with our stuff but nobody tested yet. BTW, any help combining Necessitas and BogDan’s branch would be appreciated.

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Debugging using GCC's instrument functions on Android

Here's a tool which allows to debug native-code Android applications when GDB does not work. It is not so quick to use as a normal debugger but it usually works well. The repository contains function call history writer and an utility to convert it into a human-readable text and generate stack trace for the moment of crash, for all threads. Please find more information in the how-to file provided.



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