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Chinese-made RCA-Jack adapters

Chinese RCA-Jack adapters
Looks like they accidentally exchanged boxes of mono and stereo jacks between workshops. BTW, the single RCA jack also has its ring connected to the tip (instead of the sleeve) so they are useless for balanced sockets. Dual RCA are useable as mono, but look weird. The shop cannot replace the adapters at the moment as these are the only models they have in stock.

More DIY Audio - LM3886 Mono/LFE Amplifier

Here's my second complete chipamp. It can be used for driver and speaker testing and warming up or as a subwoofer amp. It was re-soldered about 10 times so it's not very cute inside and got strange knob layout. Two inputs: normal mono input and LFE input with 2 connectors. The LFE board contains channel mixer and two 2-nd order stage low-pass filter, one stage can be tuned to approx. 40..150 Hz cutoff frequency, the other one is fixed at 180 Hz (IIRC ;-)). The power amp has 2 modes, one normal gainclone mode and another one with additional negative current feedback cirquit.

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