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Tina Kandelaki: From Georgia with loathing

The television star Tina Kandelaki might be expected to feel aggrieved about Russian action in Georgia, her native country. Not a bit of it. Moscow's media has more freedom, she says, and her President, Mikheil Saakashvili, will go down in history as Mikheil the Destroyer, she tells Shaun Walker.

The Independent, GB


Georgian Troops In Tskhinval

Videos made by Georgian troops via mobile phones as their army enters Tskhinval and fires at civilians and living buildings with tank cannons and machineguns. This is something you will unlikely ever see on CNN, BBC and other Western mass media.


Darth Vader's Press Conference - Russo-Georgian conflict humour


Putin's Interview to ARD, UNCENSORED VERSION

Full version of Putin's Interview to ARD. Fragments in italic font were censored by German TV. (in German)

BTW, English readers can use Google translation of the page.


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